Rob Madden

Rob is a father, a husband and a performance coach based in London, UK.

He has been fortunate to be involved in the world of high performance since the start of his career 16 years ago. His original training was as a physiotherapist and then he later went on to qualify as a strength and conditioning specialist from the American institution NSCA. He has also studied the fundamentals of nutrition and sleep coaching. Overall, he has a huge passion and love for all things health and fitness and is on a quest to always keep learning.

Throughout his career, he has had the pleasure of a very diverse client list. He has worked with many different athletes, CEOs, and some big players in the music and entertainment industry. He has supported hundreds of regular, amazing people on their own journey towards better health.

Rob has had the honour to have been involved in some exciting, high pressure environments such as The Olympic Games, Formula 1, Professional boxing and over a 100 different sporting events around the globe. He has been part of Anthony Joshua’s performance team for over a decade. 

“For me, teamwork has always underpinned my client’s success throughout my career.  I would not be where I am today without the mentors that guided me and all the great practitioners that have taught me what I know. Special shout outs to Steve Varney and James Moore who were significantly influential in my career.  Too many others to mention but I am very grateful to everyone that thrashed ideas around and debated the huge challenges I’ve had over the years!”

Rob Madden


“The main man ‘Mr Madden’… A blessing knowing you! A pleasure working with you! You have always been focussed and hungry to provide the championship service I’ve needed. I appreciate you bro!”

Anthony Joshua

x2 Heavyweight Champion

“I love working with Rob, he’s always motivating and knowledgable, and I always come away from a session feeling strong and with a new fact or two!”

Calvin Harris

DJ & Producer

“Couldn’t have done it without you mate!
Life time friend.”

(Idris after his filming of ‘Fighter’ a documentary where he trained for a professional kickboxing fight)

Idris Elba


“I am always taking on new physical challenges which affect my body in different ways, for over ten years Rob has helped structure my treatment and maximise my health to not only recover from niggles and injury but to also prevent it. 

He’s got me through triathlons, stadium shows, dance performances and more. I doubt I’d have the confidence to say yes to all the things I do if I didn’t have him in my team.”

Melanie Chisholm


“It is a pleasure and privilege to work alongside Rob. He is a true professional, who is a gifted and knowledgeable performance coach and full team player.”

Dr Steve Peters

Sports Psychologist, Author, Speaker, The Chimp Paradox

Rob has had my back for almost a decade now. Stand up guy with one of the biggest skill sets in the business!

Mark McMorris

Professional Snowboarder, 3x Olympic medallist, 22x XGames medallist


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